Get Rid of Algae and Moss on Your Roof by Cleaning

Roof cleaning is the process of removing moss, algae and other impurities from roofs. Algae and moss growth is harmful to your roof thus you should learn how to deal with it and the best way possible is to do a thorough roof cleaning on a regular basis. If your home is in the coastal or humid area, you have probably experienced algae and moss on your roof.

As you clean your roof, there are some methods that you should avoid when cleaning it. For example, pressure washer should be avoided in asphalt shingles as it is a risk. The pressure exerted by the washer leads to granule loss which will not only lead to the warranty being void, but your roof will be damaged prematurely.

Measures to Prevent Regrowth of Moss and Algae

Cleaning once or twice will not prevent algae and moss from thriving on your roof. For this reason, the roof should be cleaned on a regular basis and several other measures must be taken.

  • Debris should be thoroughly cleaned. Debris on the roof will lead to damages and eventually you will have to spend lots of money probably to get the roof repaired or replaced. There is no need to wait for this while you can prevent it by regularly cleaning the roof. You can actually use a leaf blower to reduce the amount of debris on your roof as long as you have the capability of going up the roof.
  • There should be regular cleaning. You cannot prevent algae and moss from growing on your roof unless you embrace thorough cleaning at least twice a year. This is what experts recommends and during this cleaning, it should be done thoroughly. All the muck, debris and stains should be removed.
  • Use the most suitable cleaning method. There are different cleaning methods that you can use. The most suitable cleaning method for your roof should be used. Avoid methods that damage your roof and instead opt for the safest and the most effective one. The material of your roof also determines the method that you opt for.
  • Get a professional to do the cleaning. This is because they will thoroughly clean the roof to ensure that by the time the next cleaning is due, there will be no issues with moss and algae. It will be just a routine cleaning.

As a homeowner, you should make roof cleaning a regular habit to avoid expenses caused by a damaged roof and health hazards that might be caused by the presence of algae and moss in or outside the house. Dead vegetation and animals on your roof is a huge health hazard that is easy to prevent. Whether its stains, debris or pests that you have seen on your roof, cleaning is inevitable. As you trim the trees around your house to ensure leaves, twigs and sticks are minimized, it is also important that you have the roof cleaned on a regular basis.